How it works

  • Choose the package that suits your desires, of all the options available

    Choose the package you want to give away among the many options. You can choose between different price brackets, or directly choose the resort you want.
    Choose the spa package or stay at the resort you have chosen.
    You will always find the gift that suits your needs.

  • Choose a background, sign autographs and personalize your check to the person who receives it

    Once you've chosen the package you want to give, personalize the gift card design, and even ponle some dedication to make it more personal.
    The amount payable to become effective gift check.
    You will receive a PDF file that you can print to make the gift. You can also e-mail the person you choose.

    Step 2
  • Print the gift voucher ready to book directly at the hotel chosen

    The gift voucher, once it is printed, will be the receipt that will serve the person who receives it to book the services you have given her at the spa.

    Step 3